.22 ammo shortage not likely to last

.22 ammo shortage not likely to last
When I was young, I went to a friend's 10th birthday party, and after we'd eaten cake and he'd opened his gifts, his father walked into a back room and brought out a long box with a special gift. It was a .22 rifle, a bolt-action gun with a nice wooden …
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Where All The Ammo Went – And Response (2)
Also, the ammo shortage has most affected .22 ammunition. There isn't a government agency anywhere that I can think of that has any interest in .22 ammunition. I remember being able to buy thousands of rounds last year for what, $ 20? Now its $ 15/100 …
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Cross: Lead bullets taking on a gold quality
For non-shooting readers, .22 rimfire ammunition comes in a wide array of loads but the long rifle cartridge is the most popular for small game hunting and plinking. “If you want any ammunition other than shotgun shells, good luck,” the clerk at one …
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